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Easy Party Food Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Easy Party Food Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

Easy party food ideas that won’t break the bank. You don’t have to pour your savings to throw a big party. Try our delicious recommendations for easy (and cheap!) party recipes.

Hosting a party on a tight budget? We’ve rounded up our favorite affordable party food ideas, from exotic appetizers to luxurious desserts and everything in between. Step out of the kitchen and party with ease with our slow cooker meals, pre-prepared recipes, and self-service food stalls like popcorn stands, hot dog stands, chip bars,s and the apple candy bar. For more party cooking inspiration, check out our mobile recipes, served food ideas, and cute homemade cakes you can make at home.

Toast Bar

Set the standard for all future parties by providing your guests with a bar of homemade toast. Crispy bread slices serve as an unrivaled base for sweet, savory, and savory fillings. Serve hot bread and bake a variety of side dishes for your friends to choose from. Our favorite toppings include fresh berries, prosciutto, warm honey, and shredded gorgonzola cheese.

Put the boiled shrimp on a plate

Put this shrimp boil recipe in your back pocket to save time and money the next time you’re hosting dinner for your loved ones. Our delicious recipe cuts prep and cooking time in half, giving you more time to catch up with friends.

Excellent:It requires only a limited number of ingredients to deliver a satisfying and enjoyable meal.

Cherry and chocolate cake

Forget about individual cupcakes and canapes and serve your partygoers our Big Chocolate Cherry Cake. The deluxe dessert combines a rich combination of devil food chocolate cake with cherry pie filling and whipped cream to create the ultimate late-night treat to share with friends.

Roasted cashews with salt and pepper

Get a healthy dose of salt and unsaturated fats with this spicy snack recipe. The best part? This pocket-friendly snack is easy to make in bulk for casual gatherings with family or friends. Roast cashews with chili and lime juice for a snack you won’t be able to stop eating.

Chip and dip party tray

Homemade dipping sauces and store-bought fries make this party irresistible. With a wide selection of chips like tortillas, pita cakes, and savory dips, flavored with nut butter and beet hummus, there’s a delicious combination for every tastebud.

Personal Pizza Mini Bagel

Treat yourself to a frozen bagel pizza with this healthy, adult-friendly variation. Use half a bagel as a mini pizza base. Spread marinara sauce over bagels, then adds savory condiments like mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, spicy salami, arugula, and roasted peppers. Place your prepared pizza bagel in the oven and bake for 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted to your liking.

Tomato and grilled cheese soup

Tomato soup and grilled cheese? Name a better duo. Drama aside, however, you can’t beat the ease of this party-ready recipe. Serve some homemade (or store-bought) tomato soup in a glass and serve with a slice of American grilled cheese to get your party off to a good start.

Fruit salad

Are you hosting a lunch or brunch? Replace heavy desserts after meals with our light and refreshing fruit salsa recipe. This delicious salsa combines fresh strawberries, apples, pears, blueberries, fresh mint, and lime juice to satisfy any sweet tooth without fear of sugar. Serve with graham crackers sprinkled with cinnamon or serve in a glass with a spoon. 

Handmade chicken cone and waffles

Chicken and waffles, anyone? A sweet waffle cone is the perfect edible container for your favorite chicken nuggets. Drizzle with some maple syrup or dip for a convenient snack.

Sangria Pops

Disguise cheap alcohol with our perfect holiday sangria recipe. The remarkable dish will get more compliments and is easier to make than you think. All you need is an economical bottle of white wine, chopped fruit, and juice to delight guests at your next warm-weather event.

Asian Chicken Pasta Salad

Make this prepared pasta salad recipe to wow your guests after the first bite. The addictive dish calls for butterfly pasta, shredded chicken, sesame seeds, soy sauce, ginger, fresh scallions, and sliced ​​cherry tomatoes.

Pro tip: Make this simple recipe even easier by using store-bought roast chicken to complete the dish.

Individual apple pie

Enjoy all the great flavors of old fashioned apple pie without the use (and sugar) of apple pie baking with these healthy apple pie pieces. Use graham cracker squares as the crust and coat them with vanilla greek yogurt. Arrange chopped Granny Smith apples on top of the yogurt, then sprinkle some honey and cinnamon on top.

Guacamole with black beans and pineapple

When in doubt, guac it out. Trust us, a batch of our Pineapple Black Bean Guacamole will always leave a smile on your diner’s face. Get the scoop on our magical blend in the link below.

Apple Candy Bar

Throwing a fall party or tailgate for your friends? Add our easy apple candy bar to your party menu. These fall tasty treats are popular for a reason. They are delicious, relatively healthy, and extremely simple to prepare. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a chocolate-and-caramel dip?

Melon skewers, mozzarella + prosciutto

Salty, sweet, and very refreshing, these melon and prosciutto skewers cover all the bases for the perfect party snack. To make them, use a melon roller to carve watermelon, honey, and cantaloupe balls. Thread the melon balls one at a time on a skewer between fresh basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella, and slices of salted prosciutto. Serve as usual or garnish with a pinch of freshly crushed pepper.

Chili Bag

Make your guests feel at home without having to make the dishes. Simply prepare a slow cooker full of chili and lay out all the toppings you want and a basket full of bags of fried corn. Instead of bowls, ask your guests to use bags to create their perfect bowl – or rather a bag – chili.

Vegan buffalo wings

Cater to your health-conscious, vegan, or vegetarian guests with this healthy alternative to Food Network’s hot wings. Roasted buffalo cauliflower offers the same addictive spice without the added fat and cholesterol found in traditional chicken wings.

Unicorn Confetti Dip

This easy-to-make, colorful party dip will add a splash of fun to your next gathering – no magic needed. A box of confetti cake mix combines with cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar and is rolled in rainbow layers to create the perfect dessert 카지노사이트